April 12, 2022

Past City Council Meeting, (download Agenda) Tuesday, April 12. 6:00 PM City Hall: Petition to redress no roadwork for Ward 2 with State Chapter 90 funds. Appointments to Traffic Commission and more. Dissolution of Cable and Public Utilities Commissions, $150,000 Grant to complete road project – details missing.

With concern for the mayor’s office decision to direct a mere 3% of Chapter 90 funds for Ward 2 roads, I filed the following petition.


Chapter 90 are funds disbursed by the Commonwealth to be used for improving municipal roads and traffic needs. They are disbursed by the State, but you know full well that these funds came out of your pockets – it’s YOUR money. So when one ward gets 30%, and ours gets just 3%, we rightfully object, and I am fighting to get our fair share.

The Mayor is appointing members to nine commissions. I take these appointments seriously, and I would hope that the mayor present qualified nominations. City Council is not the “last detail” for hiring and appointing, and I believe in the separation of powers. My votes this tuesday will be thoroughly considered, and I welcome your suggestions and concerns.

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