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City of Pittsfield Budget FY2024

Review these budget requests. Leave me your comments bottom of the page. I will make your concerns known to the Council.

Pittsfield City Departments (Excluding Public Schools)

2024 Proposed Budget (City Departments only, Not School). Long Form
2024 Proposed Budget: Tables of Expenses, with prior year comparisons
City Of Pittsfield, Budget and Finance Department Documents

Pittsfield Public Schools

2024 Proposed Line Item Tables
2024 Pittsfield Public School Budget (Book)
Pittsfield Public Schools Business/Finance Page

Budget Approval Schedule:

Wednesday, May 17, 2023
Public Hearing 6:00PM City Council Chambers

  1. Presentation from Administration
  2. Public Hearing – 5-year Capital Improvement Plan
  3. Public Hearing – proposed FY 24 budget
  4. Mayor
  5. City Council
  6. Veterans
  7. Council on Aging
  8. Human Resources
  9. Airport
  10. City Solicitor
  11. Library
  12. RSVP

Wednesday, May 24, 2023
Public Hearing 6:00PM City Council Chambers

  1. City Clerk
  2. Cultural Development
  3. DEI
  4. Emergency Management
  5. Fire
  6. Health Department
  7. Building Maintenance (City & Schools)
  8. Building Inspections
  9. Community Development
  10. IT
  11. Workers Compensation
  12. Finance & Administration
  13. Unclassified

Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Public Hearing 6:00PM City Council Chambers

  1. School Department

Monday, June 5, 2023
Public Hearing 6:00PM City Council Chambers

  1. Police Department
  2. Public Services/ Public Utilities
  3. Water, wastewater & Sewer Enterprise Funds
  4. Water & Sewer Increases
  5. Free Cash Order
  6. Capital Budget Order
  7. Revolving Funds
  8. Parking Revenue
  9. Budget Order

One response to “City of Pittsfield Budget FY2024”

  1. Hi Charles!
    Looking through the budget. A couple of things that I noticed right away: the mayor, clerk and solicitor have consistently given themselves raises over the last several years and cut veteran funding this year.

    $100,000 for a diversity officer to make people feel welcome and included working here? That is a pretty significant salary when there is already a city solicitor to handle legal issues. Is this position really needed?

    In the school budget I saw an increase for administration salary but nothing specific listed for paraprofessionals and cafeteria staff. They are seriously underpaid. Maybe they fall into the “other” category but just wanted to be sure that they were not missed. There was no money allocated for school repairs. The schools are falling apart.

    The city is paying 6.8 million for school choice. Is there other communities using school choice to send their kids to Pittsfield Schools? If so, then where is that line item? If not, then why are people not choosing to send their children here? For $6.8 million dollars we should be able to have a state of the art school for special ed services in Pittsfield if that is the case.

    Over $100,000 for internet for the year?

    We have a city physician? What do they do and who do they service?

    There are lots of education and training line items. Aren’t these mostly trainings that are done online and aren’t most pretty standard like the typical cyber security, sexual harassment, anti discrimination. Why would there be a repetitive cost if everyone is getting the same trainings? (I’m not referring to emergency service personnel)

    For the road repair work line item, does this include the one lane of Holmes rd and pecks rd? It’s unacceptable that they have been out of commission for that long.

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