My Principles

June 6, 2021: My Primary Principles

My path to candidacy follows a long period of personal study of political history, philosophy, and religion. My campaign is the result of many years of disappointment from watching processes and decisions that frequently defy Common Sense and fundamental principles of what is good for the community.

I have worked hard in many business environments. They include marketing agencies, manufacturing, and retail. Many years in the retail markets of craft and hardware have brought me face to face with the full spread of Berkshire County. I hear what people want from their government and the fundamental issues that must be addressed. People are frustrated, and few are confident that money spent hoping to convert Pittsfield into a trendy New York City gallery row will improve their neighborhoods or downtown businesses.

Here is what people want done: repairing flooding streets, resolving the stench of commercial cannabis on Dalton Avenue, and fixing neighboring public eyesores which survives every mayor’s vow to eradicate. I harbor great doubts and suspicion, like many of you, of the empty talk of cultural corridors, initiatives, and proposals for think tanks and consulting groups. These proposals come to us prepackaged to be spit out like cherry pits, and will never give us solutions to rising crime, urban blight, and lost value for our tax contributions.

There is a solution! We can insert our voice directly into City Hall as leaders. My purpose in joining our local government is taking on the citizen’s place in a free society which includes the opportunity to represent the taxpayer and fellow voter in an elected office. I am unaffiliated politically and simply driven to the preservation of the way of life that is founded on the pursuit of happiness that is possible only on account of G-d’s love for man and ours for G-d and country.