I will be independent and critical, and I will promote YOUR interests over the Special Interests.

Support for Your Businesses

The North Street Bike Lanes: the face of municipal waste and incompetence.

They are dangerous, block emergency vehicles, and wreck businesses. Traffic is snarled, and even bicyclists fear riding in them. Bad dollars spent wastes your taxes and offsets/delays needed work. You will not have a city which provides clean water, sewer, education, and services when our businesses go broke. We residents and businesses need a prosperous economy, and I will work hard to make that happen.

No Tax Dollars For Special Interests –

  • I will insist that your tax dollars be spent with transparency and integrity.
  • North St. Bike Lanes are a disastrous abuse of your taxes and are destroying businesses and are hazardous.
  • I will support redoing the Bike Master Plan to stop repeating the North St. disaster on Tyler & Dalton.
  • I will oppose public money for special interests and will speak out against giving tax dollars to special interests.
  • I will investigate proposals and present the straight facts so you get the truth.
  • I will get your voices heard by visiting your neighborhoods regularly and learning your concerns.

Protect Schools & Neighborhoods

  • I will support programs focused on sound methods for reducing the high school dropout rates.
  • I will support appropriate funding of the school budget and policing of neighborhoods suffering from crime. All citizens in Ward 2 deserve to feel safe walking their streets – especially the children.
  • I will support internships with area businesses to promote the graduation-to-work path.
  • I will support the efforts and goals of the Morningside Initiative Action Plan.

Protect Your Property

  • Cannabis production is wrecking our air quality. Complaints must be addressed!
  • Ward 2 suffers from urban blight. I want the city to address abandoned buildings, landscape the roads, maintain crosswalks and sidewalks, improve snow removal, and clean the GE wasteland on Tyler St. I will push hard for beautification efforts for Ward 2.
  • I will seek improving roads and repairing failed storm-water drains.
  • I support stabilizing taxes on business and reject regular tax increases.
  • I will work with the Tyler Street Business Group, Inc. & city-wide businesses to advance their needs.
  • I will support revitalizing Ward 2 and the City as a whole by driving strategies to increase small manufacturing and business development for well paying jobs.
  • I will advocate using ARPA (American Rescue Plan Funds) for long-term investment in infrastructure and for attracting new manufacturing to Pittsfield.
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  1. Hello,
    I am specifically asking for your position on school curricula. I am firmly against CRT and other topics, especially those involving sexuality, being taught to the very young. Many school systems around the country are experiencing outrage from parents over children being taught topics rightly left to parents in the home ONLY, and curricula that seeks to undermine our social construct with distortions of historic facts. Schools are not and should not be indoctrination mills, especially those that encroach on parents’ rights to teach children private matters that is not within the purview of traditional education. This current curricula is intended to brain wash the young before they are of a suitable age where they have the experience and biology to understand the subject, other than it’s what the teacher is telling them. This is a grave matter that every community needs to express their views to educational authorities, with their own personal views that subordinate parents. As parents and members of the community, we reject the over reaching of educators and in particular the teacher’s unions to have sole determination of what is appropriate for our young. Thank You

    • Mark:

      Great question. Before I explain my position on CRT and the school curriculum, I would encourage you to speak out at School Committee meetings which can be found on the city’s web-calendar and also to candidate Kalinowski who will be having a fundraiser at the Rusty Anchor Monday, 9/13. I’ll be there and will be happy to talk to you too.

      The curriculum is mostly in the hands of the School Committee, but be assured that should your questions come before me in City Council, I will be both ready and determined to say “NO” to any form of CRT, sexual, and other inappropriate subjects for children. It is very distressing that these subjects, once the fringe material on college campuses – tangential subjects that were considered in the context of classical reasoning are now a concern for parents of young children who have not gained the tools for independent thinking. I’ll be happy to talk more on this question!
      -Charles Kronick

      • Thank you Sir – That response confirms our full support for your candidacy.

        That topic is extremely important to parents and in our case grandparents. I fully agree that these topics were once very fringe subjects on the college campus. Yet many people pushing for CRT and other materials, especially topics concerning sexuality, seem to be getting the upper hand over the objections of parents. We believe that it is a form of child abuse to expose them to these topics at such an early age and thus depriving them of their innocence. Nothing is served by this other than an attempt to expose an ideology, that would be very foreign to parents. These topics are and should always remain in the purview of parents. Thank you for pledging to be a strong voice in resisting this malignant curricula.

  2. Charles Kronick for Ward2!
    We need Mr. Kronick for Ward2 Councilor as he is decent and intelligent Man who cares about City.

  3. I do have a question is why do we have Human Rights Commission? When we have the bill of rights and law of the land.

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